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Given enough time honeybees can produce a good amount of honey within a couple of weeks depending on hive location and sheer number of bees.

To prevent that from happening inside or around your home, a proper property inspection is in order. Most residential properties can be inspected by the homeowner within a couple of minutes twice a month (especially in the spring & summer).

What you’re looking for is basic – a lot of bees coming and going from one specific location. Don’t bee fooled by honeybees on anything that is blooming. At certain times in the spring you may find hundreds of bees on the flowers pulling pollen or nectar (this does not indicate nesting).

On stucco framed homes any ornamental pop out areas are infamous locales for nesting bees. Columns and vega poles or wherever wood meets stucco. A flat roof, parapet walls and scuppers (flat roof drains) are also favorite nesting spots.

Take a step away from the home and scan your entire roof surfaces. Bathroom, kitchen and laundry room exhaust vents are a straight shot into the house. A/C units and hidden roof areas may require a ladder to view. Please, by all means, be safe. If bees are found – Back Off! – And call ASAP Bee Removal for further instructions and free phone quotes. We are a solution to your bees problem!