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Stay Safe with Bee Removal in Tempe

Is your yard swarming with bees? ASAP Bee Removal is here to help. We have the tools to rid your property of dangerous bees. It doesn’t matter if your bee problem is big or small, easily accessible or hard to reach; our experienced bee exterminators in Tempe are prepared to handle it.

Our Services

Do you find it difficult to locate beehives? Don’t worry. We have the necessary training to find and remove beehives scattered throughout your property. After we locate the hive, we use water-based products to exterminate the bees.

We also offer reconstruction services and home sealing to prevent bees from invading your property in the future.

Our Expertise

As experts in our field, we work exclusively with bees, wasps, and hornets. We understand the fear many people feel when surrounded by bees, and we also understand that bees will aggressively defend their domain.

Although most bees are defensive, the Africanized “killer” bee is more aggressive in nature and won’t back down. Africanized bees, which are common in Arizona, are dangerous when they:

  • Feel threatened
  • Are collecting water
  • Are nesting

At A.S.A.P. Bee Removal, we specialize in Africanized honeybee removal, but we also exterminate other types of bees, wasps, and hornets. We won’t stop until we exterminate every bee.

If you have a bee problem, don’t try to remove them on your own. Disturbing the hive is dangerous. Give us a call at 480-464-1002 to learn more about our bee and beehive removal in Tempe today.

WARNING: Do not try to remove colonies or kill bees yourself! NEVER disturb or otherwise threaten an established bee colony.


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