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Bee Hive Removal (by) A.S.A.P. in Chandler, AZ

Enjoy Your Yard Again After Bee Hive Removal in Chandler, AZ

Have you heard a quiet hum as you sit on your back porch? Have you noticed an unusually large number of bees flying around your back yard but haven’t located the hive? Bees can build their hives in a variety of tricky locations, so you need the services of A.S.A.P. Bee Removal in Chandler, AZ.

Bee Removal Services

In addition to a variety of removal and preventative services, we also provide hive searches. Because we have been in the industry for a long time, we are experts at identifying bees’ favorite hiding places. Whether the bees have made their home in a tree trunk, a hollow pillar, or one of your walls, we will find them.

Yes, you read that correctly: bees sometimes build their hives within your walls. If bees decide to infest your walls, don’t worry, we have the knowledge and equipment necessary to get them out. We even offer guaranteed construction repairs and sealing services to restore your home and prevent further infestation.

Our Company

David, our owner, has worked in the beekeeping business for over 16 years. We offer high-quality services, and we confidently back them up with a guarantee. We guarantee our property inspections for 10 days, our exterminations for 30 days, and our honeycomb/hive removal and repairs for 1 year. We also guarantee our home seals for 3 years, and have an entire property guarantee on exterminations.

If you have a bee problem, give us a call at 602-751-1002 at our Phoenix line, or call us at 480-464-1002 at our East Valley line.

WARNING: Do not try to remove colonies or kill bees yourself! NEVER disturb or otherwise threaten an established bee colony.


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