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At this time of year (late summer) ASAP Bee Removal receives more than a few calls every day about honeybees at the pool or fountain, even grass after a good watering. Do not be alarmed – they are drinking and storing water just like you would on a hot day.

Retrieving H2O to deposit on the hive is par for the course for cooling the hive and maintaining a healthy home for the queen, much like an evaporative cooler.

The only remedy for this action at the water’s edge is what’s called a hive search from ASAP Bee Removal, where we actually take one hour at a time to locate the (sometimes Africanized) bee hive usually found in a desert setting. Boulders, dry washes, tree trunks, etc. are infamous spots for hive locations.

Again, you’re Not in any danger around the water’s edge. Walk your property to search for nesting locations, such as eaves, foundation, shed floors, etc. If nothing is found then call ASAP Bee Removal for further suggestions and pricing on bee hive searches outside your property line.