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“I thought the bees would go away…”

August 8, 2018  |  Arizona Bee Removal, Bee Behavior, Bee Hive Removal, Bee Infestation Prevention, Live Swarm Relocation, Structural Damage of Beehives

Usually a homeowner who discovers nesting bees will call us within a few days to inspect and determine how to remedy the issue.  Other times, a hive has gone undetected for a long time, in a shed flood or outbuilding, for example,and are only noticed after someone has gotten stung or the bees have become […]

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Me?  Bees?

June 12, 2018  |  Africanized “Killer” Bees, Arizona Bee Removal, Bee Behavior, Bee Infestation, Bee Removal, Honeycomb Removal, How to Bee Proof Your Home

You may be surprised at the places that homeowners discover bees. Besides the frequent honeybee swarm in a tree, ASAP Bee Removal has responded to calls about bees in barbecues, brick walls, cabinets, water heater bases, fountains, birdhouses, doghouses, spa surrounds and cars.  We have removed bees from planters, tires, bikes, bird baths, and belfries.  […]

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