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Me?  Bees?

June 12, 2018  |  Africanized “Killer” Bees, Arizona Bee Removal, Bee Behavior, Bee Infestation, Bee Removal, Honeycomb Removal, How to Bee Proof Your Home

You may be surprised at the places that homeowners discover bees. Besides the frequent honeybee swarm in a tree, ASAP Bee Removal has responded to calls about bees in barbecues, brick walls, cabinets, water heater bases, fountains, birdhouses, doghouses, spa surrounds and cars.  We have removed bees from planters, tires, bikes, bird baths, and belfries.  […]

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Professional Bee Removal – How Much Does It Cost?

November 5, 2017  |  Arizona Bee Removal, Bee Behaviour, Bee Hive Removal, Bee Removal, Bee Tips, Bees Behaviour, Carpenter Bees, Honey Bees, Honeycomb Removal, Live Swarm Relocation, Repair Services

According to the industry research, the cost of bee or wasp removal on average falls nationally into the range of $90-$450. But paying for professional removal of these stinging insects from your home or commercial property can worth every penny. When you do it yourself, you usually get stung, damage your walls or ceiling, and […]

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