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A Proper Property Inspection

September 26, 2018  |  Bee Infestation Prevention, Bee Removal, How to Bee Proof Your Home, Structural Damage of Beehives, Wasp Removal, Wasps

Inspecting your property for bees and wasps can be a proactive way of keeping your yard safe from unwanted stinging insects.  It only takes a few minutes a couple of times a month to notice new nests and unwanted activity.  Left untreated, wasps can quickly spread causing an infestation.  Bees are very productive, and left […]

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Me?  Bees?

June 12, 2018  |  Africanized “Killer” Bees, Arizona Bee Removal, Bee Behavior, Bee Infestation, Bee Removal, Honeycomb Removal, How to Bee Proof Your Home

You may be surprised at the places that homeowners discover bees. Besides the frequent honeybee swarm in a tree, ASAP Bee Removal has responded to calls about bees in barbecues, brick walls, cabinets, water heater bases, fountains, birdhouses, doghouses, spa surrounds and cars.  We have removed bees from planters, tires, bikes, bird baths, and belfries.  […]

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