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You may have recently heard about a certain Bee Guy who saved the day when a swarm of bees delayed the Dodgers and Diamondback game.  Now, all of us other Bee Guys out here are saying, “Sheesh, that coulda been me!”  Also specializing in live swarm removal, ASAP Bee Removal wants you to know that we may not have our own Topps card, but we’re no rookies either.  We’ve been serving the greater Phoenix and surrounding areas for over 20 years, and have removed and rehomed more swarms than we can count.

Bees found in the swarming stage are optimal for removing without disrupting the colony. When bees swarm, they often take time to settle and regroup while scoping out a permanent location. Found in this situation, it is often just best to let them “bee”.  However, if they haven’t moved on it 24-48 hours, they may be moving in.  We often encourage homeowners to let them sit a day or so, but if they want to ensure that they do not move to a permanent nesting location on their property, we can remove them and relocate them while still in transition.

Homeowners often believe that if they wait long enough that the bees will leave, but once they move into a structure, it is unlikely that they will.  We recently removed a 150-pound hive with honey from a tree.  It had probably been there for 2 years, and the bees had become very territorial and aggressive.  Had that hive been removed as soon as it was noticed, the bees could have been removed and relocated– a win-win.

If you notice bees coming and going from a specific location, you may have nesting bees.  Common nesting places include:  water valve boxes, shed floors, barbecues, bird houses, rooflines, rock features and storage containers.  If you see unusual bee activity, it’s time to call ASAP Bee Removal for expert advice. Do not wait until bees become aggressive to call for information. We’d be happy to step up to the plate.